Stay Safe Stay Strong Stay Connected 

The Covid-19 pandemic has created widespread adversity all around us. This nondiscriminatory disease has impacted pretty much every citizen either directly or indirectly in the world. The senior citizen community is especially hit hard as they are the most vulnerable to this infection. Our efforts to keep them safe by maintaining social distancing is having an unintended side effect. They are feeling socially isolated, getting bored, feeling disconnected and anxious with this situation.

The least we can do during this time is to help them cope with this stress. Technology can help us do this. We are organising multiple free webinars led by professionals on topics such as yoga, karaoke, foods to boost immunity, cooking and many more. These sessions will help them connect with the community, keep them informed and most importantly entertain them.

We have started a WhatsApp group to communicate with our members about the upcoming sessions, if anyone is interested in joining, simply contact us.

Stay at home and stay safe


To get notified of our upcoming events or to register connect with us on our Facebook page: Stay Connected 2020-During Corona Virus Lock Down