Mumbai Diary: Sunday Dossier

Stay Connected 2020 was featured in Mid-day’s Sunday dossier in April 2020 for its efforts towards Senior citizens in Mumbai.

Coronavirus pandemic: Helped by parents, children are doing charitable acts

Stay Connected 2020 was featured in Indian express for its contributions towards society during the Coronavirus pandemic in India.

This Is How Intergenerational Bonding Inspires Youngsters To Stand By The Elderly

The senior citizen’s magazine featured stay connected to raise awareness about our initiative and encourage more senior citizens to join our platform and remain socially connected.

SHARAN|When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade! – Pandemic Positives

Sharan, an organization focused on promoting a holistic lifestyle, held a webinar to inspire people to look at the pandemic in a positive way and to showcase examples of how young adults used this opportunity to make a difference. I was one of three panellists, and we discussed our motivations for taking up our individual initiatives and how we overcame difficulties in our path.