Our initiatives

Basic Technology for Seniors

As a part of Stay Connected 2020, I conducted two webinars on basic technology for senior citizens. I taught them basic things like how to order an Uber, how to install and use Facebook, Facebook privacy, how to create a Gmail account, internet safety, how to order on Amazon. Additionally, I created video guides for refrence. Visit the video guides by clicking on this link.

Partnership with Project Mumbai

Upon hearing about Stay Connected 2020, Mr Shishir Joshi, CEO and founder of Project Mumbai (an NGO that is at the forefront in leading the battle against COVID-19 in our city) agreed to come on our platform. we conducted a session where he spoke about inspiring young adults to provide a helping hand towards their community

In addition, the Stay Connected 2020 community started a fundraiser for Project Mumbai to help in their efforts towards senior citizens with their needs like delivering groceries & medicine, providing freshly cooked meals, and setting up a free helpline for their mental wellbeing. Visit and contribute to our fundraiser by clicking on this link